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How Spanish
Evangelical Resources Began

The story of how Spanish Evangelical Resources began starts in Cameroon, West Africa, where, through his ministry, Larry Crabtree was using Manna Publication commentaries to train pastors and Christian leaders in remote villages. Rev. Philip Mamboing is one of the pastors using the commentaries in his ministry.

"I want to extend to your office a thank you note for the gift of the Manna Commentaries. This is a valuable resource for me. I have been a pastor for 55 years and have traveled to the United States on several occasions. Indeed, I am yet to see a commentary as this one given to us. It is clear, straight to the point in easy readable language and exposes one to strong biblical truth. May God bless and strengthen the author brother Fred Morris and his team of editors. Now on retirement, I will continue using this book to expose bible truth to as many as the Lord brings to me by His grace and power."

Rev. Philip Mamboing, Sabongari Town, Cameroon

This testimony from a Cameroon pastor is an example of feedback about booklets written by Australian-born missionary Fred Morris. God had called Fred to meet the needs of literature-starved believers in the countries he had visited as a missionary. It was his experience that churches were growing so fast even trained pastors could not keep up in providing their members with sound foundational teaching. His vision was to provide low-cost, self-teaching Bible commentaries for new converts in locations where there was a shortage of teachers and teaching material.

As of 2010 Manna did not have any commentaries translated into Spanish and had no presence in Latin America. Then God called Larry to make the commentaries available to the Spanish-speaking people in Latin America. Subsequently, Larry obtained permission from Fred Morris to translate his books into Spanish and distribute them through his ministry, Spanish Evangelical Resources.

Since his call to Latin America in, God has blessed Larry with an exceptionally gifted ministry team located in Guatemala, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. As a result, eight of Fred's "Easy to Read" commentaries have been translated into Spanish thus far. The commentaries are printed in Guatemala and distributed by Larry and his team to those who typically would not have access to them. This is being done through pastors, Christian leaders, and through SER's training seminars.

In addition, we will continue to add resources to this website to help the lost find Christ and to help all believers grow in their faith.