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Acts of the Apostles

Hechos de los Apostoles

This commentary and Bible study guide is on the Acts of the Apostles, a book in the New Testament. It is written in the usual manner of this series, with easy to understand English, with North American idiom removed so as not to confuse readers in other languages or places who are not familiar with those expressions.

The book of Acts teaches about the early days of the Christian Church, after Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and then ascended up to Heaven with His disciples watching. Jesus had said to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit, and He did in a dramatic way. That day, called Pentecost, Peter preached to the growing crowd of curious onlookers, and 3000 believed and were added to the newly created Church.

The rest of Acts is full of stories of how the disciples and new believers spread the good news, or gospel of Jesus, in spite of severe persecution. It was that very persecution which drove the believers to other cities and countries and spread the gospel even more and more.

Even though it is called the "Acts of the Apostles" in the Bible, many Bible teachers and students of Acts are fond of saying that this book is an account of the "Acts of the Holy Spirit" working through the believers in great power and victory.

As you study each event and person in the book of Acts, you will also go along with Paul, who first persecuted the believers and then was powerfully arrested in his tracks by Jesus from Heaven, and who became one of the most articulate preachers, travelling to far away places to teach the truth of Jesus, His death for all who would believe, and the truths of the Bible. Paul was imprisoned for his preaching, and from various prisons wrote letters to the believers to teach and encourage them, and these very letters have become part of our Bible today.

As you read and study, and if in a group, discuss, the sections of information and the passages from the Bible, this book also provides you with simple little quizzes to help you review what you have learned and how to summarize it.

If you are considering a study of the Bible and would enjoy some exciting and dramatic stories, you will especially appreciate a good study of Acts. You may download and print this booklet out for your own use, or to use in small groups with others, or in your church.

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