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Spanish Evangelical Resources

Spanish Evangelical Resources welcomes you!

If you are a pastor in a Spanish speaking congregation or a Christian leader or pastor in a Spanish speaking country, this site is here to provide you with Christian Evangelical Resources for use in your church and ministries to your people. It seems there are very few strong, Biblical resources available to help with teaching and training the believers in your care. We pray that this Christian Evangelical Resources site will help meet that need.

If you prefer to read in Spanish you can click on the link in the upper left corner of this text block to go to that language. It will take you to the translated version of any page you are on. The Spanish pages have green on the side columns. If you wish to return to the English pages, the blue side columns are what you need. Just click on the English link in the upper left corner.

This is a bilingual site, designed to minister to both our Spanish and English speaking readers. Almost every page has a Spanish or English version alternate. Just above the first headline or title of each page, you will find a link to the opposite language version of that page, where is it says, En español if you are on an English page, and In English if you are on a Spanish page.

You can quickly tell by the colors of the sidebars too. Spanish pages are green; English pages are strong medium blue.

The English pages come first, and the Spanish pages are added a week or two later when the webmaster receives the Spanish translations.

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The Great Need We See

Mayan church leaders in the Suchitepequez area of Guatemala where we serve have few reference books. A pastor in a western country may have 500-1000 books in his library. A Mayan pastor may have none at all. There are two primary reasons for this shortage of reference materials: the Mayans do not have the money to buy reference materials and low cost, Biblically sound reference materials are not available to them. Our burden is to make the much needed reference materials available to Mayan pastors, church leaders, and teachers through the training seminars we conduct in the area where they live.