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Cover of the commentary - Mark

Do you wish to know Jesus better? The gospel of Mark commentary and study guide expounds the early teachings of Jesus Christ, and also gives a full account of the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.

This study in Mark is written in easy-to-read, and also to translate, Spanish. It was originally written in English but there is no North American idiom. Just a plain focus on what the Bible says and how to understand it's basic meaning.

The Marcos commentary/guide covers the stories of Jesus in the order they appear in the Gospel of Mark. They start with Jesus' birth, the part about John the Baptist, and how Jesus asked to be baptized, then how He called His disciples, and began His public ministry, preaching to crowds, healing the sick, and telling parables, which He explained in private to His disciples.

Jesus also sent out His disciples to multiply the work, and fed 5000 with a small lunch. A number of His other miracles are described too.

The Marcos commentary and study guide has a chart of Jesus' genealogy as well as the teachings of Jesus on various topics. For added depth, it suggests parallel readings in Matthew, where the passages cover the same story or teaching.

The encounters with the religious leaders become more strained and intense, and you find yourself following Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey (an event Christians now celebrate as Palm Sunday), Jesus teaches His disciples about the future things yet to happen, and then the last Passover supper He had with His disciples, where He instituted the new covenant of His blood. Then, after agonzing in prayer in the garden of Gethsemene, Jesus was arrested, tried in an illegal trial, and crucified for the sins of the whole world.

Oh, but Mark has a triumphant ending! Besides studying the crucifixion and the burial of Jesus, it also tells the wonderful story of His resurrection on the third day. It tells of His meetings with His disciples and followers, and then His ascension into Heaven, after giving a great commission for all His followers. That task applies to all who receive and believe on Him today!

If the cry of your heart, or of those who are part of your class or flock is, "We would see Jesus!" - then Mark is a very good commentary and guide to study. It will have a lasting impact on each one who earnestly takes part.

Its larger size means that printing and assembling this Mark commentary could be a llittle difficult for someone to do on a home printer, as the complete volume is 76 pages. Spanish Evangelical Resources has the books printed professionally for our distribution purposes.

On this site we are providing files for downloading either the single volume, or a two volume set for Mark that you might find easier to handle. This way you can choose what is best for your printing situation.

Remember, these are offered freely for you to use in ministry or in personal Bible study. However, we would appreciate the courtesy of a note via our contact form, so we know where they are being used, and by whom. We want to encourage and support your by prayer too.

When you disagree with a commentary, remember that God's Word, the Bible, supercedes any and all other commentaries.

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Mark Commentary in Two Volumes:

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Covers of Mark Part 1 and part 2

Mark Commentary as One Volume

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