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Santiago (James)

The epistle or letter of James in the New Testament was written by Jesus' earthly half-brother. This James only came to see Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah after Jesus rose from the dead. He was a very practical man, and history has it that he was such a man of prayer that his knees had great callouses, from praying on his knees so much.

The book of James is not a long one, but it has several important and practical themes in it for all Christians.

Living Faith: Believers are not only to hear the truth, but also to act upon it. Commitment to love and to serve is evidence of true faith.

Trials: In the Christian life there are trials and temptations. Don't resent them when they come. Pray for wisdom; God will supply all you need to keep you strong in times of trial. Successfully overcoming these trials produces Christian maturity and strong character.

Law of Love: Christ commands Christians to love and serve those around us. This is evidence that our faith is real.

Wise Speech: You are responsible for every word that comes out of your mouth. You must think before you speak and allow God to give you self-control.

Wealth: Each of us is accountable for how we use what God has given us. We should be generous toward others and should not be impressed by the wealthy nor look down on those who are poor.

If you need to get a better grip on how to live the Christian life, or if you want to teach others to grasp these truths, then James would be a good study for you.

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