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Bible Commentaries in Spanish

We have published several Bible Commentaries in Spanish and are continuing to prepare more as the Lord provides translators and funds to print some quantities. At present we are assisting friends in Guatemala to promote these commentaries in thei Bible Schools and places of training of pastors in the rural areas, where they are much needed and appreciated.

However, we are offering them here for anyone and everyone to have access to these same booklets that are easy to print and duplicate. Please go to our Download page and help yourself according to your need.

On this page we explain what these booklets are like and how you may benefit from using them for Bible study.

Individual Commentary Reviews

Acts of the Apostles



1 and 2 Thessalonians



Physical Appearance and Printing

These commentaries average 16 to 75 pages each. They have a simple cover of the same kind as the inside pages, unless you wish to run the cover on thicker weight cover-stock paper.

Inside the cover you find a short explanation about the little icons used throughout the book to indicate where you should stop to read the Bible passage first, where you could stop to talk over with your group or class what you have just been learning. The open book symbol tells you that this is important for the teacher or lecturer. The face profile with sound waves indicates a good place to have the class discuss those points, and the writing hand icon shows that extra background information starts there. Some commentaries also have a tree icon where there is a question or thought on which the student should meditate

You will find some extra material in boxes with black borders.These provide background information that is not directly stated in that passage, but implied, or it is a study help to lead you to deeper research. For instance, it may describe other parts of the Bible that talk about the same topic, but with another slant. Or, it might show what a Jewish Synagogue was like, which is helpful to us if we have never seen one.

Usually, every passage or scene or incident in the Bible book is described in very simple terms. The original commentaries were written in English by a missionary, Fred Morris, who had studied the Frank Laubach approach to languages, where it was important that easy to understand English terms be used, and to avoid English or North American idioms. This would make it much easier for people of another mother-tongue to undertand if English is their second language. This also makes it much easier for translators to re-do the commentaries in their own language.

This does not mean the writing is childish or too simple for adults. The Bible commentary material is good, mature meat for those who want to study God's Word, but need a teacher or at least a written help like this at hand. It is just written in easy to understand and convey language. The message comes through fine and clear in Spanish.

These simple booklets use plain letter or A4 sized paper, which you can run through your printer in the landscape direction, printing two pages on each side of each sheet. When you print them as presented in the PDF file, and print first the odd-numbered sheets, then turn the sheets over and print the even numbered sheets, when you lay them together in proper sequence you will have a booklet. Merely fold them sheets together in half, and you have a booklet which is a Bible Commentary. You may staple the pages together if you wish.

If you do not have coloured ink in your printer, they will come out fine with just blank ink. If you want to used coloured paper just remember that dark colours may make it hard for some people with poor eyesight to read the text.

Download Spanish Bible commentaries

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